Presumptions of the Unknown

I have a great privilege of knowing and collaborating with people from many different cultures all over the world. I never dreamed I'd be given such a gift, how lucky am I! 

 One day I was in one of our old time local stores (I like buying from local vendors.) I got into a conversation with the clerk, who I know. He’s always wondering where I’m headed next. I told him about my upcoming trip to Rwanda (yes I’ll still be hearing clients by phone, as usual.) :) He voiced his concern because of the violence, war, and news in the past of people killing and maiming others over religion. I explaining that Rwanda, years ago, went through an amazing and agonizing, yet thorough, reconciliation process. (I often comment about how the United States would immensely benefit from this process.) Rwanda is now peaceful; with a government that is a majority of women. 

 Next, I told my friend that I’ve also been invited to Kenya. I’m really curious to observe the people and their cultural and family systems, which I work with in my professional practice. Some of the people where I would visit, have lived on their same homestead ancestral lands for almost 800 years. This is incomprehensible for us here in the United States. As a country, we haven’t even been in existence that long. We are so young. (It is possible that some of our native peoples, who are our national heritage, can recite their ancestral ties to their land. Let’s ask for their stories, and listen.) My friend commented about what African people still have to learn as a “Third World” country. I commented about how we, in this country, have such a misinterpretation of the world at large; that Africa is an ancient (and immense) land. These people farm and provide all services that sustain their whole community. They coexist with monkeys, lions, elephants, giraffes, etc. and take care of each other. They have all basic needs met: home, food, education, energy, health care, and a shared and intimate connection with mother earth. They are healthy. They love each other. Their needs are met. Can we, with all our toys of technology say the same? 

 What I said, I could tell, was a lot of information for my friend to absorb. It was counter to what he has learned. There wasn't anything he could say in response. Right there, I admired him. At least he had the ability to listen and open his mind just a little….. with grace. Maybe we, in this brand new country, can give that gift to our planet co-inhabitants in 2020. 

 Don't be fooled and then trapped by a superiority rhetoric. Seek out others who are different than you and come from other places. Try to lift yourself up and comprehend the bigger picture. We, all of us together, are each a puzzle piece that make a whole picture. See through the eyes of wonder. You will be richer than you can imagine. 

There Are Angels Among Us. I Just Know.

At this time of year when night overtakes the day, we rest in the lap of the infinite. Heaven is so close to us. Clear the cobwebs and you can hear, see, and experience magic during this season. In the darkness of winter seek connection, not isolation; rest in awareness. YOU are the light! What a profound discovery; the depth of yourself in all creation. Share. As you and we connect during this time of year, quiet and cool, we together create the illuminated threads that weave the tapestry for our place within spring’s emergence. Let’s become MORE conscious. 

Please let me share this with you.

I have not been in communication with some very dear friends of mine, a whole entire very large family; 8 children all adults now whom I simply adore. You know how it is. We simply get so busy doing life. They have a brother/son who has joined the angels. This morning, for the second time in three days, this beautiful angel was asking for my attention. How do I know? He flashed in front of my eyes his birthday date, by way of numbers on my clock. It was still blurry-eyed morning but there I was. I had not even had any coffee yet. My familiars will knowingly smile at the significance of THAT statement. Even though I haven’t had reason or time to get in touch with the family, I found myself texting and saying that they are so loved and telling them what had come in front of my face. I got a text back saying that tonight is one of their brother’s wedding. I had no idea! In the flurry and bustle their brother was just letting them know he is right there with them for this momentous occasion.

When you go to sleep at night or are going about your day, pay attention. There are angels among us. I just know. 

Secrets in the Shadow

This article reflects the gist of a conversation I recently had with someone, around the idea that we should tolerate and allow the airing of the right, fascist exclusive narrative as “the other side” of left inclusive narrative. 

 Today, we are seeing a dangerous upsurge in divisiveness, a splitting apart of the beautifully woven many hued fabric called humanity. I’m reflecting today about the many people I have worked with over the years whose ancestors had to flee Nazi persecution. A few of the people I have worked with are Holocaust survivors. I have listened to their experiential stories. Besides jewish religion people, peoples from many different countries were caught up in this planet wide annihilation: imprisoned for the duration of the war, beaten, killed, families forever torn apart. We have come full spiral around and the reason is to pick up the unhealed pieces that we carry and decide who we are moving forward.

 So, I have a story. 

 Many years ago, a beautiful family, 4 children, lived contentedly in Romania. World War II, the war to end all wars, broke out. One night, late, while everyone was in bed sleeping, German soldiers came rolling in with their tanks, marching into town. They called everyone out into the streets. It was very cold. The children rested in their parents arms, unable at this late hour to even keep their eyes open. They were told that their homes were being commandeered as housing for soldiers and a command post for operations. There was only a short time for the people of this community to gather the most immediate belongings and start marching down the street and away from their homes. What else could they do? So they left. 

 How do I know this? A woman came to me who had been in a terrible and life threatening car accident. She could not orient to her life and was in constant physical and emotional pain. She felt a constant deep insecure feeling, and did not feel at all secure in her home. The above story is her parent’s story and at the time I knew nothing about this, and some parts of this story, neither did she. She had to ask her Mom, who blessedly is still alive.What I saw during her first consultation with me, was a shadow aspect of her that was still standing at the corner where the accident occurred. She had fragmented. She was no longer whole. The gift of this horrific accident was that she was able to address her unconscious loyalty to her mother and their family, by not having a home, by leaving behind a piece of herself, like her parents, in the above traumatic event. The pain she was experiencing was her opportunity to heal what had been plaguing her (and 2 of her siblings also); no sense of home, undefined and subtle but pervasive anger and fear. Submissiveness. She had the tenacity and courage to move through this ancestral dynamic and change not only her life, but bring new light and potential into the life of her daughter and other family members. 

 I say all this and tell this story because the canary in the cage is sounding the alarm and we must decide what we stand for. To continue on a divisive and destructive path that is fueled by anger and fear dishonors the legacy of all who do and have suffered. We’ve been there, done that. Suffering is NOT a human condition, it is a man-made construct designed to disempower and control YOU. It is time for reconciliation: to heal; for us to become aware and whole. To choose to come together, not to fragment further. To thrive together. Our planet is us. We are our planet. Let there be love on Earth and the gift of love, of togetherness, of caring, is peace. Choose to heal. 

Cynthia Mellon

Traveling happenings.

Last week I was sitting on an airplane for a ridiculous amount of time while the vice president's airplane, that showed up next to ours, decided when it was finally going to leave. This delay set up a chain reaction, probably all over the country, because so many people would now be missing their connections. Kids started begging for water and whining.The people on my flight were finally starting to ask some questions…… “Can we have some water? No….. it's against regulations.” The parents of the children behind me didn’t question any further. We are so used to this mindless authority. I said to the person next to me, ” When will those people in our government remember they work for us?” That question ignited a dialogue of people openly voicing their discontent. Our government acts like a monarchy. It serves a few privileged ( i.e. people who are corporations) who make rules for all of us to keep us enslaved and we’ve allowed it. It was refreshing to see people getting upset about being treated like chattel. We pay our government to take care of us and intelligently use our money to support us, not the other way around. Change.  

9/11 Interview with NewRealities

Several of my clients and friends have asked me to share the audio transcript of an interview I did on 9/11 of this year (2011) with Alan Steinfeld, founder of NewRealities. At the urging of my beautiful friend Susan Burleigh, I took part in this radio broadcast in New York City during the memorial week commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 

In this interview, I humbly share my the micro-macro view of our cosmic world, including my own perpetual experience with oneness, starting from womb and continuing until the present moment. 

Listen to the interview on the NewRealities web site.

For those of you who don’t have time to listen to the entire program, my interview starts right around minute 43:00. Thank you Susan. Thank you Alan.

To Infinity and Beyond!

I am one of the most fortunate beings on this planet (my opinion) AND to be absolutely clear, I didn’t always feel this way. 

I am a seer. I see the layers of vibration from the most subtle “invisible” level to the physical level that we are accustomed to viewing with our eyes. When I was very small, I had to memorize everything that was “here”: solid. This was a trial-by-error process that resulted in lots of black eyes and bumps and bruises — which my mom still comments about! All of this is to introduce and explain a wonderful phenomenon that I have witnessed.

I live in Hawaii and my home sits on the belly of the goddess Pele. Behind and above me is Haleakala Mountain. Below me extends a scenic patchwork quilt of cane fields and waterways stretching to the cerulean blue ocean. All my life, I’ve entertained myself viewing what I call the morphogenic grid. It surrounds and supports everything we see and experience. It appears as a soft, undulating net that flows and moves with everything. It’s like a mother’s soft touch that encourages life’s emergence and continuation and is informed by the energetics of Creation.

Recently, I woke up to an amazing and unique sight. This morphogenic grid has shifted from an organic undulating structure, and a new crystalline etheric framework is forming. We are literally in a new world! It may look like the same world out there, but it is not…. In fact, we are creating this new potentiality and we must discipline our minds and embrace this change! Instead of being afraid, depressed, panicked and anxiety-ridden, we must realize we are waking up and experiencing our individual raw power: the creative impulse. 

We all carry energetic “seeds” that activate a part of our brain/energy complex to remember who we are and why we are here.

They are the birthright of each and every individual on this planet — not just a few elite. It is vital that we take our own power by activating our individual morphogenic grid. I teach a step-by-step experiential process that assists one in energetically merging with the archetypes of the beloved mother Earth as well as the galactic archetypes that lovingly and powerfully hold space and assist as our universe eternally expands and evolves. Experience with me who we all are: God-Source Energy, in a great disguise, co-creating our own reality.

No more secrets; let’s share the sacred! No more letting go; let’s go!Wake up! Claim your own immense power.Let’s create joy!We’ve already been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt for creating fear. See how powerful we are? This call to YOU is to show up as ordinary women and men living extraordinary lives, creating the future now!

I welcome anyone interested in hosting a gathering to contact me.

Mahalo nui loa! A hui hou. 

Cynthia Mellon 

Maui, Hawaii  


A while back I met a man named Achai, a tribal elder from the Altai Mountain region in Mongolia. He is emphatic in his declaration that he and his people are neither part of Mongolia nor are they part of Russia. They are their own sovereign people, a horseman tribe. He is a tulku, of an ancient shamanic tradition said to bring the seeds of civilization to the world. Historical accounts credit these people with seeding the civilizations of ancient Greece, India, Tibet, even the Americas. In my experience of him, he is fiercely passionate about what he knows, has a ready smile, and loves to dance. He told me his wife is his equal in all ways and they have children. 

Imagine these people if you will. They tame and befriend hawks and eagles; they wear their horses day by day like you and I wear a pair of pants. They are one with their natural environment and recognize Spirit as tangibly interwoven in the physical world and beyond it. Ceremony is primal to their existence. They are free.Achai was an honored guest of several Kogi elders who had traveled to his world the previous year as part of an indigenous unification process. I had the pleasure of getting to know Achai over several weeks, mainly through observation since I didn’t speak the language…but it’s funny how we can communicate even when we don’t speak the same words.

We traversed several very high mountain villages; some have little or no outside contact, some have limited contact. There is no noise there, like the hum of wires or traffic. The air is pure. Some of the elders have cell phones and one time an elder motioned and pulled me to a spot in the middle of a high plateau field and told me to stand on this small rock, exactly there. He pulled out his phone saying the rock was a transmitter. I was simply full of awe. Later it was explained to me that what the man meant was if one stands on that specific spot marked by the rock, one has cell phone access. I’m still awed.

In the more “socialized” villages however, we began to be alarmed by the huge amount of plastic bags and containers littered everywhere. The mess aside, what about water quality with so much rubbish in and around the water used for drinking and cooking? It was explained to us that the villagers believe that everything is of the earth and will return to the earth as part of the cycle of the “Mother,” the origin of everything manifest in form. Along with fishing, growing their own food, and raising sheep for the wool that they weave into their clothes, they have huge pigs that are unconfined and roam everywhere, weaving in and out of village life. The pigs eat the waste of the villagers and the villagers in turn eat the pigs. Except the pigs can’t eat the trash. It was so weird and discombobulating to realize that the villagers simply could not see the trash since it didn’t fit into their syntax. We tried to have conversations about garbage and the toxic by-products of convenience foods but we could not find a way to dialogue and be on the same wavelength.

One afternoon after a meeting, Achai was walking back to the hut and I saw him start picking up the trash and just looking at it, obviously thinking hard. I went over to him and he motioned me to start picking it up to form a pile in an open area. Others joined in and soon we had a giant pile of plastic and bags and bottles, etc. The villagers began to gather and in his quiet and unassuming way Achai remained thoughtful, seemingly pondering what to do next….. did I mention he was quite theatrical too?

What he did next was go to one of the cooking fires and grab a burning branch. He brought it to the pile and tried to light it… over and over and over, scratching his head and making harrumphing noises with his voice, getting lots of attention. Now a large group were gathered; villagers, kids, guests, even those pigs bumbling about. After a long time standing there trying to light this noxious pile Achai said, ” See, even the fire cannot consume this substance. It is alien technology.” The villagers started nodding their heads. They could see! They got it! They perceived the truth.Now I share that truth with you.

With Aloha 

Cynthia Mellon

Communications of a bumbling mystic 

I had the privilege of traveling to a remote region high in the mountains of Colombia, South America. That’s the back of my head in the photo. The people of this region have no written language, yet they carry tens of thousands of years of live planetary and human wisdom passed down generation to generation. This elder is asking me (there’s a translator) what the giant rift passing through the center of the U.S. is. He said they have been sitting in concura for a long time are very concerned about the Mother (Earth) and what is developing. In their “viewing” they saw a calamity, a bleeding of unknown and giant proportions, an unimaginable disaster for us all. He drew in the dirt what it looked like. I had to honestly say to him that I did not know. He begged that I take this message back and that we all help. Today I can say with 100% certainty that what he drew on the land and described to me was the Keystone Pipeline.

We, the people, must take back control of our current, life sucking government. Why? For the sake of the planet and all that inhabit it. How? I don’t know how, but I believe we must make the commitment to do so. The “how” will arise out of that commitment.

While we are distracted by old stories blaming white or black or yellow or red and insisting that we deserve more than someone else or that they deserve more than us, there is an elite machine that is gobbling up everything in its path. IT has no color, is not even human….. and has ABSOLUTELY NO EMPATHY (feelings of connection and understanding with each other). AND that machine loves that we fight each other. In fact, they manufacture the weapons to do so, then the drugs to silence us, for profit to them.Wake up. It is we, the people of the United States of America, the cornucopia of every color and language on our beloved planet, who must take back the power of the people. It’s the basis of our Constitution. It’s time for a major redirect. The “corporation (elite)” who “know” they own us, don’t have ears to hear and eyes to see; we do. Take action in whatever small or large way, not against each other, with each other. What can we do? Listen to, hear, and see each other. Turn off the TV, look up from our phones. Eat real food, not alien technology (article to come next), stop suppressing ourselves and our power by taking pharmaceutical drugs formulated to keep us asleep, afraid, and disempowered ( I’m laughing because on spellcheck, it suggests “disemboweled,” which I think is appropriate.) Ask for help when we need it and give of ourselves with each other when we can. Do not be deterred.

WE are who we have been waiting for. Let’s GO!