Resonance Repatterning

You are a co-creator of the world future generations will inherit.

It’s so tempting to think that what’s happening around you is happening to you. We think that life events, society, our community, and circumstances have power over us. The truth is, we give that power away to others in our relationships, at work, and within our families. Others will take our power if we choose to give it away.
You have more power than you think. Your energy field communicates with others around you consciously and subconsciously. It dials in on a dedicated bandwidth, much like we communicate over the phone. Change your energy, and you change your life.
I can teach you how to work with your own energy to:
  • Align with your authentic self
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Reclaim your inherent dignity
  • Better support your children
  • Heal the family system The work is different for each person. The links below will take you to an overview of tools I will use to assist you:
  • Resonance repatterning TM Call on your own courage and grace to become the healthiest version of you, then go out and brighten the world.

Please fill out and submit Intake Form (under "Scheduling") prior to initial session.
Sessions from $130.00.

"I came to Cynthia during the darkest time I have experienced in my life. Nothing anyone said or did could comfort me, except for Cynthia. She has a way of getting to the heart of the issue and helping me to let go of it in a profound way. She makes this intense work feel effortless. My work with her is so much more powerful and effective than any work I've done with psychologists. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to work with her." — K.K.

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