Conscious Business Development 

“I feel trapped in this career.” “There’s too much conflict within my organization.” “I need to make a change—and more money.”

These are the types of challenges I hear from clients on a regular basis—all solvable. Long before I began to counsel individuals and organizations of all types, I myself was a business owner and entrepreneur. I draw on this personal experience as well as my ability to see deeply into the dynamics of your business issues during our conversations.
The goal of our intuitive business consultations is to help you approach your professional goals and conundrums from a fresh, expanded, and spiritually informed perspective.  

“Cynthia is an extremely gifted and clear seer. Her ability to witness the dynamics of the undercurrent energies happening in our family business was invaluable for us in determining the steps we needed to take to move forward in a way that was empowering and supportive.” — R.S.

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