Aquarian children have come here on purpose, with great purpose.

When your child is troubled and needs help, Comprehensive Energy Practices (CEP) can bring balance, stability, and well-being.
Today’s children are born into The Age of Aquarius, a new 26,000-year cyclical age. Aquarian children hold the frequency for the spiraling elevation and evolution of life on Earth. They are not dense like the current Earth structure—they are lighter, of higher frequency. They use more of their whole brain. They see and experience things differently. They literally exist in a different world than the one you and I experience.
Children are strong and intelligent. Sometimes they feel things so much that they become explosive or stop feeling anything at all. They need support as they become energetically resilient and emotionally astute. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to maintain who we are as children throughout our lives?
Comprehensive Energy Practices (CEP) clears dense energy stored in the physical body and energy field. Blockages may come from something that happened earlier in a child’s life. Or, they may be transmitted cellularly through a child’s epigenetic inheritance from parents, grandparents, or further back on the family tree. Some issues may even stem from previous lifetimes.
It's best for me to work as proxy for your younger child. I connect with your child through their energetic signature or "bandwidth," without the child needing to be present. This work involves the consent of the parent or parents.  
1 hour session

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"Cynthia has worked with five of my children directly and has shifted behaviors, and insights into those behaviors, significantly—a priceless gift to a parent!" —SB