Glossary of Terms

Aquarian Children
Anchored in a higher dimensional frequency than most earthlings, these children are pioneers. They amplify a surge in our evolution.
Cellular Memory 
 A complete blueprint of an individual’s existence, independent of the brain or genetic code
Cellular Reprogramming 
Prevailing scientific theory claims that we only use 10 percent of our brains, and that 97 percent of our DNA is junk. Let’s view this from another perspective: Nature conserves, uses, and restores in a beautiful and benevolent pattern. It is the developmental cycle that we humans exist in currently that’s squeezed us into a very limited, inefficient, and archaic version of ourselves.On a cellular level, we believe we are violent, competitive, unworthy, racially divided, and lacking intelligence and the common sense to live our own lives in integrity. These myths are fed by everything we are taught about ourselves, stored in our cellular memory. But it’s all only a story.It’s vital that we update our personal and collective views of ourselves. We are each unique. We come in all colors and sizes. Yet, we are one planetary organism called humanity. We pulse together, move together, and together affect the wellbeing of each other through our beliefs and deeds.Cellular reprogramming works within the mind of each cell to target outdated, life-depleting belief patterns. Many of these have been passed down as unquestioned “selective realities” generation after generation. As the old clears, space for the new emerges. Like climbing a ladder, transcending the old identity illuminates our energetic storehouse of latent potential to upgrade our Life Force Emanations. Our experience in the world changes. Our body changes. It’s time we learn to use what has been held in potential: our whole brain, the whole universal life force within. 
Coherent Pattern
A pattern of thriving, where we remain open to new possibilities that bring great satisfaction in life
Conflict Resolution
A process that gets to the truth, to set things right and bring about peace and harmonydignityThe inherent value that honors the natural world, ourselves, and others as equals—we are all born with dignity.
Energetic Alignment This unique process of self-empowerment propels you toward a more complete understanding of yourself. It is akin to a big boost, a spiritual supplement where the “ha,” the breath of Spirit, enters you. Grounded in various indigenous traditions, this work anchors your physical body in Source Energy. It’s like updating your app.Your perceptual language—how you see the world—is based on your body sensations as a communication system. When you learn what your energetic signature feels like, you start the process of defusing toxic emotional content that has built up over years of suppression and inability to express your authentic emotions.When you learn your own energetic language, and become truly aware of who you are, you are no longer controlled by external forces and the opinion of others. You begin the journey of transformation with the freedom to invent your life anew.
Epigenetic Inheritance
The emotional triggers of the parents form a baseline from which the child perceives the world. Parental imprinting from traumatic experiences alters DNA methylation and can be passed down the ancestral line.
The act of being responsible when one is no longer dependent on external forces for right action
Life-force Emanations
Luminous frequency bands that are the underlying fabric of everything, seen and unseen; we encapsulate certain bands of emanations that form our individual perceptual reality and collective experience.
Mass Consciousness
Humans consciously or unconsciously contribute to an overlay reality that we live from.
Negative Belief Pattern
Individually experienced patterns and the overlay of mass unconsciousness that inhibits positive growth. A common pattern that many people experience is "I'm not good enough."
Non-coherent Pattern Often, the root cause of our problems, which perpetuate negativity in our life
Resonance Repatterning
Resonance Repatterning (TM) is an extraordinary step-by-step process that enables you to identify and transform unconscious life-depleting beliefs and patterns that underlie pain, sickness, or unworkable relationships. Resonance Repatterning facilitates a shift in your energy body so that you resonate with positive goals and intentions.
Scientific research has proven that matter and energy are interchangeable and that energy pulsates at different frequencies. Our thoughts, feelings, organs, and tissues all vibrate at their own unique frequency. When our frequencies lose their optimal pulsation, we find ourselves unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, or limitation in any sphere of our life.
Resonance Repatterning allows you to identify and transform this negative resonance. The process is analogous to changing the waveband or frequency of a radio station. The program you experience depends on the emotional “waveband" you tune in to. These frequencies may support success or failure, joy or depression, health or sickness.
When we resonate with, or are tuned into wavebands of positive, life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, the experiences of life spiral up to a higher energy state. This work allows us to find a new perspective and transform experiences with unlimited possibilities. 
One who observes, beyond the visible spectrum or ordinary way of looking at things, in alignment with an inner voice that has no sound 
Spiral The energy of movement in continuous widening or tightening curves, which fuels our galaxy and our planet, and is mirrored in the movement of energy in humans (fingerprints, DNA etc.) and other life forms 
The journey of change
Triangle of Disempowerment
A common relational triangle involves a victim, a perpetrator, and a rescuer, which can be a violent dynamic.