Healing Family Systems

When you let go of the story, you get to be here now.

Every single one of us come from a family. Even if we have never met the people in that construct, the aggregated information they’ve passed down to us is stored within us as family conscience: rules and behaviors passed down from generation to generation that influence our actions.
Unresolved issues in a family system impact us on a personal level, even if we are not aware of it, and can manifest in many ways: illness, addiction, fear of commitment, challenging relationships. We might relate to others through a triangle of disempowerment, and live the storylines of our ancestors, rather than claiming our birthright—the pure life force emanations we receive through our ancestral inheritence, and our ability to live fully empowered within ourselves.
Beyond our family systems, we also belong to other groups related to our race, origin, nationality, religion, language, and profession. All of these groups form a collective conscience for each of us. When members of a given group repeatedly identify with the negative stories in their histories, they generate immense unresolved non-coherent programming. This is very unhealthy.
We must become conscious of our unconscious connections to these systems, else our fate will be continually directed by their negativity. We must transform the love that binds us to our past into a force of healing. As we come to understand our patterns, we heal and transcend limitations. 
~ This is the work of Carin Block and Bert Hellinger, and some excerpts of this explanation have come from Carin Block as my teacher.

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“I have experienced many types of healing work over the years; Cynthia’s work is unique and powerful. Her style is gentle, intuitive, and compassionate. She creates a safe space for surrendering to the journey of traveling into the unknown.” — A.W.