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To Infinity and Beyond!

I am one of the most fortunate beings on this planet (my opinion) AND to be absolutely clear, I didn’t always feel this way. 

I am a seer. I see the layers of vibration from the most subtle “invisible” level to the physical level that we are accustomed to viewing with our eyes. When I was very small, I had to memorize everything that was “here”: solid. This was a trial-by-error process that resulted in lots of black eyes and bumps and bruises — which my mom still comments about! All of this is to introduce and explain a wonderful phenomenon that I have witnessed.

I live in Hawaii and my home sits on the belly of the goddess Pele. Behind and above me is Haleakala Mountain. Below me extends a scenic patchwork quilt of cane fields and waterways stretching to the cerulean blue ocean. All my life, I’ve entertained myself viewing what I call the morphogenic grid. It surrounds and supports everything we see and experience. It appears as a soft, undulating net that flows and moves with everything. It’s like a mother’s soft touch that encourages life’s emergence and continuation and is informed by the energetics of Creation.

Recently, I woke up to an amazing and unique sight. This morphogenic grid has shifted from an organic undulating structure, and a new crystalline etheric framework is forming. We are literally in a new world! It may look like the same world out there, but it is not…. In fact, we are creating this new potentiality and we must discipline our minds and embrace this change! Instead of being afraid, depressed, panicked and anxiety-ridden, we must realize we are waking up and experiencing our individual raw power: the creative impulse. 

We all carry energetic “seeds” that activate a part of our brain/energy complex to remember who we are and why we are here.

They are the birthright of each and every individual on this planet — not just a few elite. It is vital that we take our own power by activating our individual morphogenic grid. I teach a step-by-step experiential process that assists one in energetically merging with the archetypes of the beloved mother Earth as well as the galactic archetypes that lovingly and powerfully hold space and assist as our universe eternally expands and evolves. Experience with me who we all are: God-Source Energy, in a great disguise, co-creating our own reality.

No more secrets; let’s share the sacred! No more letting go; let’s go!Wake up! Claim your own immense power.Let’s create joy!We’ve already been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt for creating fear. See how powerful we are? This call to YOU is to show up as ordinary women and men living extraordinary lives, creating the future now!

I welcome anyone interested in hosting a gathering to contact me.

Mahalo nui loa! A hui hou. 

Cynthia Mellon 

Maui, Hawaii