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There Are Angels Among Us. I Just Know.

At this time of year when night overtakes the day, we rest in the lap of the infinite. Heaven is so close to us. Clear the cobwebs and you can hear, see, and experience magic during this season. In the darkness of winter seek connection, not isolation; rest in awareness. YOU are the light! What a profound discovery; the depth of yourself in all creation. Share. As you and we connect during this time of year, quiet and cool, we together create the illuminated threads that weave the tapestry for our place within spring’s emergence. Let’s become MORE conscious. 

Please let me share this with you.

I have not been in communication with some very dear friends of mine, a whole entire very large family; 8 children all adults now whom I simply adore. You know how it is. We simply get so busy doing life. They have a brother/son who has joined the angels. This morning, for the second time in three days, this beautiful angel was asking for my attention. How do I know? He flashed in front of my eyes his birthday date, by way of numbers on my clock. It was still blurry-eyed morning but there I was. I had not even had any coffee yet. My familiars will knowingly smile at the significance of THAT statement. Even though I haven’t had reason or time to get in touch with the family, I found myself texting and saying that they are so loved and telling them what had come in front of my face. I got a text back saying that tonight is one of their brother’s wedding. I had no idea! In the flurry and bustle their brother was just letting them know he is right there with them for this momentous occasion.

When you go to sleep at night or are going about your day, pay attention. There are angels among us. I just know.