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Communications of a bumbling mystic 

I had the privilege of traveling to a remote region high in the mountains of Colombia, South America. That’s the back of my head in the photo. The people of this region have no written language, yet they carry tens of thousands of years of live planetary and human wisdom passed down generation to generation. This elder is asking me (there’s a translator) what the giant rift passing through the center of the U.S. is. He said they have been sitting in concura for a long time are very concerned about the Mother (Earth) and what is developing. In their “viewing” they saw a calamity, a bleeding of unknown and giant proportions, an unimaginable disaster for us all. He drew in the dirt what it looked like. I had to honestly say to him that I did not know. He begged that I take this message back and that we all help. Today I can say with 100% certainty that what he drew on the land and described to me was the Keystone Pipeline.

We, the people, must take back control of our current, life sucking government. Why? For the sake of the planet and all that inhabit it. How? I don’t know how, but I believe we must make the commitment to do so. The “how” will arise out of that commitment.

While we are distracted by old stories blaming white or black or yellow or red and insisting that we deserve more than someone else or that they deserve more than us, there is an elite machine that is gobbling up everything in its path. IT has no color, is not even human….. and has ABSOLUTELY NO EMPATHY (feelings of connection and understanding with each other). AND that machine loves that we fight each other. In fact, they manufacture the weapons to do so, then the drugs to silence us, for profit to them.Wake up. It is we, the people of the United States of America, the cornucopia of every color and language on our beloved planet, who must take back the power of the people. It’s the basis of our Constitution. It’s time for a major redirect. The “corporation (elite)” who “know” they own us, don’t have ears to hear and eyes to see; we do. Take action in whatever small or large way, not against each other, with each other. What can we do? Listen to, hear, and see each other. Turn off the TV, look up from our phones. Eat real food, not alien technology (article to come next), stop suppressing ourselves and our power by taking pharmaceutical drugs formulated to keep us asleep, afraid, and disempowered ( I’m laughing because on spellcheck, it suggests “disemboweled,” which I think is appropriate.) Ask for help when we need it and give of ourselves with each other when we can. Do not be deterred.

WE are who we have been waiting for. Let’s GO!