Take off your mask. We are all children in this Garden of Eden.

The work we will do together, usually over the phone, will help you find your way home and discover your true contribution. We'll navigate the realms outside this earthbound time and space, as you pursue your soul’s journey, fueled by spirit. You'll gain a sense of your big picture, so you know not just how you’ve gotten to where you are now, but what your best options are moving forward.

Each reading lasts about 75 minutes, and is recorded for you so that you can listen to it again later. All it requires of you is a quiet spot to sit, a glass of water, and your willingness to transform yourself.


“Cynthia has helped me see the deepest issues affecting my life and how to move forward into my personal power. She has the ability to access higher beings and is always right on in seeing what or who is in the way.” — K.

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